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Dear Players, we are happy to announce that from this moment in the game due to upcoming holidays the first bunch of bonuses will be activated:
  • Santa will need help with his usual problem the old sleigh from brave warriors and mages. You will be able to find him somewhere around Ruby Fort. The quest is repeatable with a cool-down. Santa is short on presents and will give you his photo with a magical autograph as a reward, that will make your attacks against monsters more effective and raise your HP & MP.
  • The cost of levels in ordinary guilds reduced by 30%.
  • Doubled the amount of religious experience that was gained for victories in fighting another player.
  • Disabled the loss of religious experience in lost buttes.
Those bonuses will last till 10 of January 2011.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

25% 25% 24% 26%

Forgotten Warriors
White Scorpions

Black Beach
18:21 03/08
Orcish Prison
19:26 03/08
Mutant Farm
18:20 03/08