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1) The winners in the competition for Decorating the Christmas Tree:
  • 10 players will receive 25 lottery tickets: VVP, Nemaa, Forrestgump, - G R U T -, Dave83, Kakarot, Garraj, Temperance, CIIAPTAK, _SAMURAI_
  • 5 players will receive 40 lottery tickets and 1000 mogash marks: DEATH, Woodju, _DoppelgangeR_, Mllm, Jhrec
  • The 1 player who brings the most Confetti will receive 2000 Platinum and an annual premium subscription to PVP and PVM at the same time: Het (495 Confetti)
2) The following players receive gifts for PVP:
  • 10 players will receive 10 lottery tickets: AntiKid, KOT_V_SAPOGAH, Baton, Roman99, Mystique, AntiKid, Undefined, Undefined, Mllm, _DoppelgangeR_
  • 5 players will receive 15 lottery tickets:, Mystique, Audi s, Kenpachi Zaraki, iiMerk
  • 3 players will receive 25 lottery tickets and 500 platinum: Larimar, Fillip, Asteroid
  • 1 player wins and receives 25 lottery tickets, 1500 platinum and 3 months PVP subscription: Undefined
You can watch the video with the determination of the winners HERE

2020-12-31: Happy New Year!
Congratulations to all on the coming 2021s! In honor of this holiday, the following bonuses are included on today to January 3: x1.5 religion and clan experience, x2 experience of professions, experience from bulletin boards, experience from monsters, x2 damage to monsters. Happy holidays and good luck in the new year!

P.S. - we added Remove Cooldown (12 items) and Sanctuary not Dispelled (15 min) to lottery!

While the frost and snow have occupied streets, DarkSwords warms you with hot discounts and events. Do you want celebrate Christmas holidays with us? Just join!

2020-11-27: Black Friday

2020-10-27: Dia de los Muertos

Wicked Halloween Everybody! This year we decided to celebrate the Mexican counterpart to this holiday - Día de Muertos known internationally as the Day of the Dead!

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The Golden Kings scouts report that Dagfars largest army is expected to attack on October 31st at 21:00 server time. Our best sorcerers will try to close the portals that have appeared, while we are waiting for all the fighters of the DarkSwords world in Arkijah to hold back the attack of the main forces of Dagfar. The Golden King himself will lead the warriors to the last battle!

2020-10-22: Golden Kings Herald
Demons of Dagfar are destroying our crops, killing animals and inhabitants of the world, destroying buildings. Their number is growing. The Golden King believes the reason for the invasion lies in ancient China. So, he sends the commander of the guards, along with volunteers, to investigate. We move out on October 23, 24 and 25 at 20:00 server time. The maximum number of places in the detachment is 50. Everyone is welcome.

Attention to the owners of private shops, we advise you to be with us on October 31 after 22:00.

We also inform you that THIS ingredients become useless in early November. We ask you to brew the necessary potions from them before the end of the month!

Dear friends, 16 years ago, October 21th, 2004, the first DarkSwords server was opened at Alkar game-platform(Ukraine). From this date we had to consider the beginning of our game history. Congratulate all players with this significant event! We are doing our best for the further game development. Thank you for staying with us. Hope, our work and project will bring you more positive emotions.

This year, strange portals appeared in the world, from which the Demons of Dagfar began to appear today. The king invites the players of the world of DarkSwords to destroy as many of these creatures as possible. Look for the Golden Kings Herald in Arkijah Square.

Also, from October 20 to 25, you will receive 25% of the Platinum AND PALLADIUM bonus when you buy from dealers.

And during the same period (October 20-25), bonuses will operate: x2 religion experience, x2 experience from monsters, x2 experience from professions, x2 experience from bulletin boards, x2 damage to monsters (cannot be combined with other bonuses).

On October 21th at 20:30 (server time) you can get a piece of cake. All players who will be online at this time will get a special gift: “A piece of cake”. It gives HP/MP bonus (not included in the spheres limit, can be used only one it the same time and non-soulbound).

2020-10-17: Golden Kings Herald
The artists of the DarkSwords world reported a distortion in perception connected with the portals. As we learned, they stopped creating their paintings, until the crisis is resolved. The inhabitants of the world are temporarily unable to obtain avatars, stickers, gear backgrounds and other graphics.

The worlds alchemists reported that some ingredients will be unnecessary by the end of the month. The ingredient list will be announced on October 22 at 15:00 server time. We ask all owners of private shops to read and act on it.

2020-10-16: Promo-codes
For the inconvenience caused by strange portals, the Golden King granted new promo codes to the inhabitants of the DarkSwords world. You can find out if you received a promo code by THIS LINK , or by mail, where a letter will arrive shortly. Have a good game.

2020-10-16: Golden Kings Herald
Mariners are now in great danger due to storms from the portals. The use of teleports has also become more difficult because there is a great chance of being teleported directly into the portal. So, the Golden King closed shipping and teleportation until the problem is solved. If you are "stuck" on the islands - press "Descent Down" button, when standing on the star.

  • Gold from monsters increased.
  • You can fish from the docks with any fishing rods and spinning rods
  • Teleportation potions only work in City in Clouds, Black City, Everspring Town, Underground City, Altar of Ares, Kingdom of Hades. The rest are disabled
  • You can get out of the islands by standing "on the star" and pressing the button "Descent Down"

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