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The best way to prevent coronovirus now is to wash your hands after visiting the street, using protective equipment and self-isolation. We encourage users to stay at home and only go shopping for food and medicine. So that you have something to do during quarantine, we include the following promotions before April 5:
  • In the store, you can order the Alchemy Supplies free of charge. Players who have an activated set - it will turn on after quarantine;
  • We extended the free rent of all private stores for 30 days;
  • Weekend bonuses (1.5 religion experience, damage by monsters, experience of professions) will work throughout the week;
  • When buying platinum, we will add 25% of the bonus platinum;
UPD: You can activate doth sets "Alchemy Supplies" at a time.

Dear friends, unfortunately, the site is temporarily unavailable. We are doing everything to restore its work, but for now, we have registered a new site

If you already have a client, then pictures will not be displayed in it until you download the new version from the new site!

We are very sorry for the inconvenience and want to give you a promo code that will add 500 Mogash Marks to any of your characters older than level 100 that were created before March 6!

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2020-03-08: Happy Womens Day!

All best wishes on International women’s day. Keep shining and smiling always! A charming woman doesn’t follow the crowd. She is herself! Today is yours and so is every other day!

Be beautiful if you can, be wise if you want to, but to be respected - that is essential! Despite failures - you stand up. Despite sorrow - you cheer up. Despite the pain - you keep fighting! Keep dreaming to fly higher reaching new heights. Congratulations on March 8!

In honor of this wonderful holiday, we launch a series of quests, which you can take in Arkijah and with their help buy beutiful presents for womens (quest starts at location #1961, store: #2020). If there is nobody to give, then you can buy a Lottery and make a present for yourself:
Pet Energy Potion - Instantly restore the pet energy to 100%
Ice Fishing Set (2 items) - Same as Spincast, allows fishing at any dock.
Deportation to Isles (5 items) - box with deportations to Cronus, Centaurus and North.
Piece of Cake 10% - +10% HP/MP gift. Can be used over "spheres" limit. Only one simultaneously.
Dynamite Stick (5 items) - stuns all characters in the choosen location for 10 seconds. When used on a ship, immediately gives a catch like the result of 100 fishing rod throwings.
Prism of Spender - after opening gives one of bags with vplat.
100 Mogash Marks - gives currency Mogash Mark after usage.
Racial Ability to Choose (15 items) - Chest for choose with Race Ability potions.

,br>Also, if you want to make a really nice present, we offer to buy platinum and get +25% from purchase! Quests and promotion will last until March 12, 2020.

2020-02-23: Bonuses
Only from 23th until 24th of February reboot:
  • No durability loss in PvP and PvE
  • No religion experience loss
  • You can summon "Old" pets
  • Bulletin Boards exp x1.5
  • Bulletin Boards gold x1.5
Also, only one day, you will get +25% for platinum puchases.

2020-02-11: Valentines Day


2020-01-01: Happy New Year!
Congratulations to all on the coming 2020s! In honor of this holiday, the following bonuses are included on January 1 and 2: x1.5 religion and clan experience, x2 experience of professions, experience from bulletin boards, experience from monsters, x2 damage to monsters. Happy holidays and good luck in the new year!

While the frost and snow have occupied streets, DarkSwords warms you with hot discounts and events. Do you want celebrate Christmas holidays with us? Just join!

2019-11-29: Black Friday

If you are really thankful, what do you do? You share. So, we share you a new event. We offer you to cook a delicious turkey with cranberry sauce (look for the recipe in the shops) and give to other inhabitants of the world. There are 12 mobs in the game, who were still in the game and gave out other quests (you need to find them yourself). Now they have a quest "The Spirit of Thanksgiving". Each has its own special gift for you. Quests will be available on November 28,29,30 and December 1.

2019-11-11: 11.11 Shopping Day
Only today, players who buy platinum from dealers will receive + 25% of the purchase!

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20% 22% 30% 28%

Forgotten Warriors

Bone Gate
22:14 19/06
Black Town
06:44 20/06
Poisoned Brook
10:08 20/06