The players have a chance to find a great Spheres of Fate all over the DarkSwords world every weekend. There are pieces of Spirit of Spheres. The full set of spheres dropped 3 times per day during Saturday and Sunday in each kingdom. Collecting a full set, you can tame the Spirit of the Five Spheres, which is able to prolong the life of its owner (a gift for 5 days +5% health and mana, you can use up to ten spheres). To tame Spirit, you should have a complete set of five different spheres. After gathering this set you need to talk with the Healer in "Travelers’ Well", then you will receive the Spirit Sphere Bottle. Opening that will free the Spirit of Spheres (gift will be delivered within an hour).

19% 22% 30% 29%


Black Beach
06:13 27/10
South Savanna
04:00 27/10
Handlegsman Dungeon
23:06 26/10