Rules of the game Dark Swords

Dark Swords game rules (further – «Rules») are regulations, based on which users communicate and act in the game. Rules ignorance will not free the user from bearing the responsibility for actions, which contradict with the Rules. The present Rules edition is not final and is a subject to change at game Administration's discretion.

Rules are applied and obligatory for all users in game and on Dark Swords official forums without any exceptions.

Each User has equal rights and responsibilities before Rules not depending on his real racial, national or other belonging.

Dark Swords Rules strictly forbid:

1. Obscene vocabulary use in chat, game, on forums, in character names, player and/or character insult.

2. Propaganda of national or religious hatred; fascist or nationalistic ideas, drug addiction, sexism and other views, which contradict to moral and ethical standards; calls to violent acts towards persons of different racial, national or religious belonging.

3. Deception, blackmail or fraud towards Administration or other users, which causes players or Administration damage, extortion - compulsion to arrange a deal with the help of threats or other actions, which may cause considerable damage to player rights and interests.

4. Abuse of server or game design software errors with criminal intent, as well as information about such errors spreading and administration overdue inform about such errors.

5. Character fights, where characters taking part fully realize the result of the fight, as well as using false characters ("bots" and "mults") is strictly forbidden. The User commits himself not to take part in fights, where any forms of compensation are meant. Publicity (including advertising, which is meant for a limited circle of persons, i.e. consecutive and/or simultaneous offer to 2 or more characters) of fights, which mean any forms of compensation; fights with result known beforehand, as well as clan and religious fights of such kind are strictly forbidden.

6. Spreading information and links, which are not connected to Dark Swords, as well as publicity of any kind of activities, which are not related to Dark Swords.

7. Spam or flood (frequent reiteration of identical messages) in game chat, on forum, while using automatic form of connection with support service.

8. Conduct of such subversive activities: force characters with the purpose of take possession of player belongings or other property; character theft; spreading links to sites and software, which content may cause damage of computer or applications activity, as well as to sites, which content is meant to steal passwords and gaining access to other user's personal data.

9. Graphics, contents or other information use without links to primary source or without author permission.

10.Violence threats or any harm threats out of game.

Violating these Rules causes financial and other penalties in game and outside it, according to the legislation and international legal documents currently in force.

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