Favorite Gift Bonus

From February 13 to February 21 you will receive a 25% bonus when buying platinum from dealers. Indulge yourself and your soulmate.

Wedding season

Prices for all weddings ordered from 13 to 21 of February have been reduced! Golden Wedding is now just 50 pt, and the platinum wedding is only 120 pt. Same prices apply for Combat Alliances.

Power of love

All characters that are married will deal double damage to monsters from 13 to 21 February.

The joint venture

From 13 to February 21 you can buy Family Private shop with great discount -500pt. Ask dealers in game for more details.

Holiday Quest

From 13 to 21 of February you will see a Cupid in Arkijah that will need your help!

Part one "Power of Love"
In this quest you will need to put together a Valentine. By killing monsters that have a higher level than you do (minimum 100 level of monsters), you have a chance to receive one of nine parts of a Valentine (new image!). After collecting all 9 pieces, place the central piece on the “table” in Laboratory and make the Valentine that you can then give to your loved one (by selecting a character and using the item). When used, Valentine will appear in the gift section within an hour and will stay there for 15 days. Additionally, a message will appear in chat that a Valentine was given. In return for a Valentine you will receive an item “Mutual Love”, that you will have to give to Cupid.

Part two: "Three elements"
Your love towards each other has to be proven. What’s the best way to show your love? That’s right, by trials. After finishing the first part, Cupid will offer you three quests: “Fire”, “Water” and “Copper Cliffs”. To accept the each part you should got Mutual Love again. Take these quests and make sure you follow the game chat. Collect all three spheres and give them to Cupid. For each quest you will receive a Ticket Part. After having all three pieces, place one of them on the Laboratory table and you will receive a “Ticket to Chocolate King’s Caste”

Part three: "Chocolate King's Castle"(repeats once a day)
Chocolate King is in panic – vile Trolls stole all his candy, and his daughters (that love candy very much) are angry at their father. In this quest, you will have to gather and return to the king the lost chocolates. The reward will be Winter lottery x2 and Sweet Gift a chest with bonuses for choose (HP,MP,Weight).

Show everyone what you will do for your loved ones!

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