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Types of chats and types of messages

  • Common (Say) chat: Chat World. To send a message to a shared chat, type in the game's client text and click Enter, or select in the large chat window 1 Say (Ctrl+1) and click Enter.
  • Private (Whisp) chat: a chat between two characters, invisible to the others. To send a private message, type a character's nickname and text in the game's client and click Ctrl+Enter, or select 2 Whisp (Ctrl) in the big chat window and click Enter.
  • Group (Group) chat: chat between group members. To send a message to the group, type a text in the game's client and click Shift+Enter, or select in the large chat window 3 Group (Ctrl+3) and click Enter.
  • Clan chat: chat between members of the same clan. To send a message to the clan, type a text in the game's client and click the right Alt+Ctrl+Enter, or select in the large chat window 4 Clan (Ctrl+4) and click Enter
  • Alliance (Ally) chat: chat between members of the same alliance. To send a message to the alliance, type in the client of the game text and click the left Alt+Enter or select in the large chat window 5 Ally (Ctrl+5) and click Enter.
  • Trade chat: chat for trading messages and messages about providing paid services. To send a trade message or a paid service message, type a text in the client of the game and click Alt+Shift+Enter, or select in the large chat window 6 Trade (Ctrl+6) and click Enter.
  • 18+ chat: "chaos-chat" where players are allowed anything that does not apply to section 1 of the Current Rules. To send a message to the specified chat, you need to press the "18" button at the top of the chat window and press the button in the big chat bar.
  • Paid (Gra) messages. Messages are seen by all the characters in the game, regardless of the game location.

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1. In all types of chats it is forbidden:

  • 1.1. Insults (deliberate humiliation of honor and dignity) of administrators and their representatives expressed in any form.
  • 1.2. Discussion of the actions of the Administration and their representatives (on the acts committed as representatives of the Administration) expressed in any form.
  • 1.3. Destructive criticism of the Administration and the project (including, but not limited to, statements that can have negative consequences for the gameplay of both one player and a group of players).
  • 1.4. Distribution of third-party links is prohibited from distributing links that are not on the permitted list, as well as advertising for third-party projects, including using multiple characters. The list of approved sites is located at:
  • 1.5. Threat to privacy is a threat to the health, life and well-being of players in real life in any form if there is a real and objective opportunity to fear.
  • 1.6. Character trading/transfer accounts.
  • 1.7. Selling gaming valuables for non-gaming money, services, and exchange of gaming values for non-gaming money, services.
  • 1.8. Asocial behaviour (i.e. incitement to ethnic, interracial, inter-religious, or other strife on various social/physiological aspects, propaganda of violence, drug addiction, pedophilia, discussion of politics, political events and ideologies, and the like, aimed at inciting hatred and aggression in various aspects of social life, as well as expressed hatred and dislike of the vast majority of players).
  • 1.9. The organization of a contractual PVP battle with a predetermined result in the field of religious, clan, alliance and tournament battles, as well as calls for these battles.
  • 1.10. Insulting relatives - direct or indirect insult to the relatives of players, as well as mention of relatives in messages implying sexual, interspecies, vulgarity, vulgarity, negative statements in any form towards relatives, both existing and presumed real
  • 1.11. No using alternate characters for breaking rules. Any Person who uses alts for breaking rules, will be muted on his main character.
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  • 2. In addition to section 1, general chat is prohibited:

  • 2.1. Flood symbols, i.e. the consistent use of eleven or more identical characters/smiles and/or a homogeneous group of characters/smiles, as well as the use of different symbols/smiles for clogging (without carrying out a separate emotional/meaningful/ideological/implied load of the most players) chat in one or more messages
  • 2.2. Flood messages, i.e. sending similar/homogeneous messages to a shared chat more than once every twenty seconds.
  • 2.3. Caps - The use of more than two words in capital letters is forbidden. It is also forbidden to publish messages that contains an unnecessary amount of capital letters. Example: HoLy MoLy, ThIs RoCkS!“ or SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS will be banned. Abuse will cause rule to be changed to 0.
  • 2.4. Trading, that is, messages containing an offer to buy, sell, exchange (in paid GRA messages allowed), including messages aimed at determining the price/quality of the game item.
  • 2.5. Obscene/profane - the use of profanity in any form, both in someone's address and unaddressed. Includes (but not limited to them) mate; terminology related to body parts and natural processes of a person; insults based on gender or sexual orientation; jargon, including prison slang; and non-profanity Also substitute from the general cultural direction of the chat, the character, also veiled words and expressions, including those in which one or more letters are replaced by dots, spaces and other special symbols, as well as abbreviated, or otherwise altered from traditional spelling, but nevertheless covering the original obscene word/expression, as well as the same words that do not have a meaningful load of other alternative meanings in the context of the message.
  • 2.6. Insults to players expressed in the form of rude (general social, emotionally acute) verbal methods, including against third parties.
  • 2.7. Creating an uncomfortable chat environment, that is, preventing comfortable communication in the chat, as well as provocation to create conflict situations in the chat, including the use of obscene vocabulary, and/or the use of hard-hitting words and expressions, sexual harassment, discussion and advertising of drugs, discussion of sexual preferences, pedophilia, other publicly-criticized forms of deviation.
  • 2.8. Public appeals/arguments/announcements of resignation will be considered by the moderators as a ban petition of their own accord.
  • 2.9. Distortion of the nicknames of existing Players with obvious offensive overtones in any form, directed and written in a general chat, as well as the use of such word-making and word formation to name their pets / or pseudonyms for visible communication in the general chat.
  • 2.10. Communicating/writing messages in any language except English, Ukrainian and Russian.
  • 2.11. Discussion in any form of third-party gaming projects (both multiplayer and single-player).

  • Gra-messages prohibit everything that is provided by paragraphs 2.5-2.11 of this section of the Rules.
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  • 3. In addition to section 1, trade chat is prohibited:

  • 3.1. Non-trading messages, i.e. messages that are not offers to buy, sell, exchange, or do not contain information about the provision of gaming services, writing a message consisting of one emoji, images of items, except for messages from Dealers, Traders and Pastors of the Game and/or messages aimed at requesting a price/game/currency or additional information about the game goods/currency.
  • 3.2. Flood symbols, i.e. the consistent use of eleven or more identical symbols/emoji smiles and/or a homogeneous group of characters/emojis, as well as the use of different characters/smiles for clogging (without carrying a separate emotional/meaningful load) chat in one or more messages
  • 3.3. Caps, i.e. writing words in capital letters or alternating (not necessarily consistent) capital and capital letters
  • 3.4. Writing a message in any language except Russian, English and Ukrainian
  • 3.5. Player insults (according to Abs. 6 section 2 Real Rules)
  • 3.6. Obscene/profanity, including veiled (more section 2))
  • 3.7. Incorrect trading messages, i.e. messages of unreasonable trading expediency (though not violating these rules) about buying/selling/exchanging or providing services.
  • 3.8. Mixed messages, i.e. messages consisting of part of the trading message, and parts of the non-trading message
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  • 4. In addition to section 1,in private, group, clan and alliance chats are not prohibited.

    Moderators are not required to silence the character for violating any of the Current Rules points in private chats, except for section 1. If you have started to annoy with unwanted or unpleasant communication for you, then use the "Ignore" feature (to use it, click on the character's nickname with the right button in the chat window or in the list of players and select the command "Set the tags" - "Ignore").

    Heads and counselors of clans have the opportunity to impose silence on a member of the clan.

    Messages contained in the Autoresponder and Character Information are moderated in accordance with section 2 of these rules (exception: trading messages are allowed).
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    5. In addition to section 1,in private chat Administrators, Moderators, Main Moderators, Judges, Main Judges, Helpers prohibited:
  • 5.1. Obscene/profanity
  • 5.2. Insults to the Administrator, Main Moderator, Moderator, Judge, Helper as a player and as a representative of the Administrator/Representative of the Administration.
  • 5.3. Floodwater in private with the aim of interfering with the work. At the same time, the flood recognizes absolute any interference in the work of the moderator, at the personal discretion of the moderators.
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  • Final provisions

  • 6.1. Players have the right to know which moderators are currently on the shift with the help of the chat team \en_duty_list.
  • 6.2 All Members of the Administration are required to comply with these rules.
  • 6.3 Dealers are Infact Administration representatives, but these chat rules equate to regular players. They do not have special conditions for these chat rules.
  • 6.4. Abuse of support and moderators is prohibited.
  • 6.5. Moderators and Helpers are prohibited from communicating by the method of silence.
  • 6.6. Moderators have the right to silence the player of his or her own will from 1 hour to 24 hours. Early inclusion of the chat is not allowed.
  • 6.7. The use of abusive, maternal, disrespectful characters or pets is prohibited. It is forbidden to impersonate and their family names as active Players, using similar sounding or writing nicks.
  • 6.8. In extreme cases, moderators have the right to block the chat of characters, send to prison or prison, setting the size of the sanction within the existing powers and nature of violations (provocation to violation of the rules, and the like).
  • 6.9. "18+" chat is not subject to moderation (except for violations from section 1 of the Current Rules). Moderators are not required to review it but can handle complaints of violations from Section 1 of the Current Rules.
  • 6.10. In the case of abuse of complaints functionality (several complaints, flood complaints, intentional clogging of the chat by non-reporting violations) moderators can impose silence on the Player
  • 6.11. Prevention as an act of response by moderators should be seen as a measure of influence in order to prevent further aggravation and development of an unfavourable (in the Moderator's opinion) situation and to prevent rule violations.
  • 6.12. The game has many items/effects that can interfere with normal communication: various diseases, alcoholic beverages. Any of these effects will not be a reason to exempt from punishment for violations in the general chat.
  • 6.13 At the discretion of the Administration, these Rules may be changed and supplemented.
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