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Bonuses May 1st and 2nd will be on:
  • Artifacts from monsters will not break in battles
  • x2 profession experience
  • x2 religion experience
  • Wanted Dead, May 1st
  • Dark Soul, May 2nd

All those who worked well, receive a bonus of 25% pt and pd from the purchase of platinum from April 28 to May 9!

2021-03-05: Happy Womens Day!

All best wishes on International women’s day. Keep shining and smiling always! A charming woman doesn’t follow the crowd. She is herself! Today is yours and so is every other day!

Be beautiful if you can, be wise if you want to, but to be respected - that is essential! Despite failures - you stand up. Despite sorrow - you cheer up. Despite the pain - you keep fighting! Keep dreaming to fly higher reaching new heights. Congratulations on March 8!

In honor of this wonderful holiday, we launch a series of quests, which you can take in Arkijah and with their help buy beautiful presents for women’s (quest starts at location #21920, store: #21953). If there is nobody to give, then you can buy a Lottery and make a present for yourself:
Pet Energy Potion - Instantly restore the pet energy to 100%
Ice Fishing Set (2 items) - Same as Spincast, allows fishing at any dock.
Deportation to Isles (5 items) - box with deportations to Cronus, Centaurus and North.
Piece of Cake 10% - +10% HP/MP gift. Can be used over "spheres" limit. Only one simultaneously.
Dynamite Stick (5 items) - stuns all characters in the choosen location for 10 seconds. When used on a ship, immediately gives a catch like the result of 100 fishing rod throwings.
Prism of Spender - after opening gives one of bags with Sapphires.
100 Mogash Marks - gives currency Mogash Mark after usage.
Racial Ability to Choose (15 items) - Chest for choose with Race Ability potions.

Thats not all. The lottery once a day can also be obtained in the quest of Rosa Karlova once a day. This quest is available at location #21924

Also, if you want to make a really nice present, we offer to buy platinum and get +25% platinum and palladium from purchase! Quests and promotion will last until March 10, 2021.

2021-02-23: Bonuses
Only from 23th until 24th of February reboot:
  • Religion exp x1.5
  • Bulletin Boards exp x1.5
  • Bulletin Boards gold x1.5
  • No durability loss in PvP and PvE
  • No religion experience loss
  • You can summon "Old" pets

2021-02-13: Valentines Day


1) The winners in the competition for Decorating the Christmas Tree:
  • 10 players will receive 25 lottery tickets: VVP, Nemaa, Forrestgump, - G R U T -, Dave83, Kakarot, Garraj, Temperance, CIIAPTAK, _SAMURAI_
  • 5 players will receive 40 lottery tickets and 1000 mogash marks: DEATH, Woodju, _DoppelgangeR_, Mllm, Jhrec
  • The 1 player who brings the most Confetti will receive 2000 Platinum and an annual premium subscription to PVP and PVM at the same time: Het (495 Confetti)
2) The following players receive gifts for PVP:
  • 10 players will receive 10 lottery tickets: AntiKid, KOT_V_SAPOGAH, Baton, Roman99, Mystique, AntiKid, Undefined, Undefined, Mllm, _DoppelgangeR_
  • 5 players will receive 15 lottery tickets:, Mystique, Audi s, Kenpachi Zaraki, iiMerk
  • 3 players will receive 25 lottery tickets and 500 platinum: Larimar, Fillip, Asteroid
  • 1 player wins and receives 25 lottery tickets, 1500 platinum and 3 months PVP subscription: Undefined
You can watch the video with the determination of the winners HERE

2020-12-31: Happy New Year!
Congratulations to all on the coming 2021s! In honor of this holiday, the following bonuses are included on today to January 3: x1.5 religion and clan experience, x2 experience of professions, experience from bulletin boards, experience from monsters, x2 damage to monsters. Happy holidays and good luck in the new year!

P.S. - we added Remove Cooldown (12 items) and Sanctuary not Dispelled (15 min) to lottery!

While the frost and snow have occupied streets, DarkSwords warms you with hot discounts and events. Do you want celebrate Christmas holidays with us? Just join!

2020-11-27: Black Friday

2020-10-27: Dia de los Muertos

Wicked Halloween Everybody! This year we decided to celebrate the Mexican counterpart to this holiday - Día de Muertos known internationally as the Day of the Dead!

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The Golden Kings scouts report that Dagfars largest army is expected to attack on October 31st at 21:00 server time. Our best sorcerers will try to close the portals that have appeared, while we are waiting for all the fighters of the DarkSwords world in Arkijah to hold back the attack of the main forces of Dagfar. The Golden King himself will lead the warriors to the last battle!

2020-10-22: Golden Kings Herald
Demons of Dagfar are destroying our crops, killing animals and inhabitants of the world, destroying buildings. Their number is growing. The Golden King believes the reason for the invasion lies in ancient China. So, he sends the commander of the guards, along with volunteers, to investigate. We move out on October 23, 24 and 25 at 20:00 server time. The maximum number of places in the detachment is 50. Everyone is welcome.

Attention to the owners of private shops, we advise you to be with us on October 31 after 22:00.

We also inform you that THIS ingredients become useless in early November. We ask you to brew the necessary potions from them before the end of the month!

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Flame River
18:47 30/11
North Savanna
20:07 30/11
Ice Castle
22:03 30/11